Cooking up Something Good

Lots of new things for those who love to cook- and things to make it easier for those just trying to get the job done!

Set of 4 Stoneware Cocottes. Small traditional French stoneware dishes for cooking and serving individual portions of food. Available in cream or red- safe in the oven, search dishwasher and microwave. We are starting to dream up all of the goodies we can bake up from breakfast through dessert!

Are you a Seafood Lover? We have you covered!

This one couldn’t get any easier-Shrimp Ring Server. The shrimp platter stylishly conceals a standard 9” cooked shrimp ring. Simply unwrap ring, capsule place in platter, no rx add cocktail sauce into the fish bowl and serve- yum!


Seafood Entertaining Serving Set

Cookbooks and Dip mixes- to simplify the task at hand!

In fact, we’ve got you covered in the cookbook department!

If its cheese you’re after- we can help there too:

Baked brie toppings and wonderful cheese compotes like tart cherry & almond or cranberry- work well to accompany Brie and a selection of other cheese.

Brie Bakers in many colours.

What’s cooking without a gourmet mustard? Quebec Maple Mustard is right up our alley. Ideal for meat, fish, vegetables, sandwiches and dressings.

Pure dark chocolate(nothing artificial) that comes in a LARGE vintage style collector tin. We can drink to that!


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